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Bentuangie Kratom

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Bentuangie Kratom (Powder)

Also known as Superior Bentuangie or "tropical blend". A new fantastic strain found deep in the jungle of Indonesia by kratom explorers looking for new and unique strains. It's brought out of the jungle on harvesters backs since it's found so far away from human population. It's then laid out and specialy cured to keep it's quality at a high level. It is a red vein kratom but has interesting characteristics. It has good pain killing properties but is also very motivating and gives a wonderful sense of well-being much like white veins. A great kratom for most any situation. Get it for the best price right here.

Bentuangie is know for:

kratom leaf bullet Exotic, Unique, & Rare
kratom leaf bullet Deep Jungle Kratom
kratom leaf bullet All-Purpose

ORIGIN: Indonesia

Bentuangie Kratom Powder
1 Pound/16 ounces/448g

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Bentuangie Kratom Powder
1 Kilo/2.2 pounds

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