18 Ways to Make Kratom Stronger

by | Nov 4, 2020

kratom potentiators

If you have tried Kratom and enjoy its effects, it only makes sense that you would look for a way to make it stronger. Who doesn’t want more of the things they like? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make Kratom stronger and obtain a better result.

To help supplement your regular Kratom dosage, in this article, we have put together your options for increasing Kratom’s potency. This list includes all the substances that act as Kratom potentiators, as well as a couple of nifty methods of consumption that help improve the taste or result.

Before Using Kratom Potentiators

Before you get to mixing, there are a few things you should know about Kratom and its potentiators. Though Kratom is available in numerous forms, including pastes, capsules, extracts, gums, and tablets, most consider the powder version the best method for taking advantage of Kratom’s effects. It is also the most convenient for mixing with potentiators.

So what is a potentiator? A potentiator is any substance used to make the effect of something more pronounced. In this case, we are talking strictly about how to make Kratom stronger. Kratom potentiators accomplish this in three ways:

  1. Breaking down the alkaloids in Kratom to obtain the effects quicker
  2. Increasing the strength or impact of Kratom, in other words, creating a more potent result
  3. Making the effects last longer, often achieved by decreasing the rate that alkaloids are metabolized

Potentiators are an excellent way to get a more substantial effect or to limit the amount of Kratom you consume. One of the downsides to regular Kratom usage is that your body builds up a tolerance and eventually requires higher dosages to achieve the desired effect. And unsurprisingly, excessively large doses can negatively affect the way your body and mind function, especially over time.

Using potentiators enhances the effects of any dosage you use; therefore, allowing you to achieve more by using less. Thus, it becomes easier to avoid building up a tolerance, so you can keep using Kratom safely and successfully without excessive intake. You may also end up saving some money!

18 Ways to Make Kratom Stronger

Once you gain a little experience using Kratom and its potentiators, you can start experimenting with different Kratom “cocktails.” Many Kratom potentiators can be combined with each other along with Kratom to create an even more robust flavor.

Before you start mixing Kratom with two or more potentiators, we suggest trying each potentiator alone with Kratom, so you have some idea of the type of effect you get. You will likely find that specific potentiators require different amounts of Kratom to be effective.

Start simple and work yourself up to more complex combinations once you have an idea of what works well for your body.

1.   Grapefruit

One of the more attractive qualities of grapefruit is that it can slow down the body’s metabolization of certain substances, including Kratom.

Furthermore, grapefruit contains enzymes that break down Kratom compounds and draw out its effects by increasing absorption into the bloodstream. Not only do you get a more robust flavor, but it will also last longer than usual.

Low in calories but rich in nutrients and minerals, grapefruit comes with its own health advantages. It contains antioxidants to boost your immune system as well as Vitamin C and Potassium to supplement your daily nutritional needs.

Kratom capsules can be taken in conjunction with slices of grapefruit, while Kratom powder can be mixed into a glass of grapefruit juice. Other citrus juices, such as orange, lime, and lemon, can also make Kratom stronger. Some even say that starfruit is even more effective.

2.   Coffee

Coffee in itself does not potentiate Kratom; however, the high amount of caffeine in coffee does. In an 8 ounce cup of coffee, there is an average of 95 mg of caffeine. If you are looking to boost the stimulating effects of Kratom, a warm cup of coffee will do just the trick.

Despite many myths revolving around the caffeine content of coffee, light and dark roasts will typically contain comparable amounts of caffeine. Other foods and drinks with high caffeine content include:

  • Energy drinks and sodas
  • Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate
  • Chocolate or coffee-flavored ice cream and frozen yogurt
  • Kombucha and matcha

While caffeine comes in capsule form, coffee has the added potential of masking the bitter flavor of Kratom. Chase a Kratom capsule with a swig of coffee or mix the powdered version into your morning mug for a delicious boost of mental alertness.

3.   Valerian Root

Valerian is a perennial plant whose roots contain alkaloids and essential oils that have relaxing and analgesic qualities. On a chemical level, valerian root promotes the release of gamma-Amino acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that reduces neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system.

When using valerian root as a potentiator for Kratom, consider a dosage on the moderate side. Taking a high dosage can cause excessive drowsiness or even sedation. As a relaxant, valerian root works best with green and red strains. Though commonly consumed at the same time, some users take valerian root 40-45 minutes earlier than their Kratom share.

4.   Turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin, which slows down the absorption rate of Kratom by inhibiting the metabolic process of the CYP3A4 enzyme. Beyond increasing the duration of Kratom’s effects, curcumin is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory attributes.

Many users claim that turmeric has the most significant boosting effect of all the Kratom potentiators. Add a pinch of turmeric to your regular dose of Kratom powder and mix it with a fruit juice or blend it in a milkshake. This method is an excellent example of how you can combine potentiators. Your turmeric and Kratom powder mix can be added to a glass of grapefruit juice for an even more substantial effect.

Turmeric can also be used as a preservative to help Kratom last longer in your cupboard.

5.   Black Pepper

Belonging to the Piperaceae family, black pepper is no ordinary pepper. Black pepper contains piperine, which prevents alkaloids in Kratom from being prematurely metabolized and increases the longevity of its effects.

Unknown to most, black pepper is antibacterial in nature and contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, flavonoids, carotenes, and other antioxidants. It is most potent when eaten freshly ground, making it great for mixing with turmeric and Kratom powder as they have similar consistencies.

While black pepper is not typically used by itself as a Kratom potentiator, it is used to potentiate turmeric, or more specifically, the curcumin in turmeric. In fact, black pepper becomes twice as potent if combined with turmeric and can increase the absorption of curcumin by up to 80 percent.

6.   Cayenne Pepper

If you are looking for a Kratom potentiator with a bit of a kick, look no further than cayenne pepper. Add a pinch to Kratom powder and water to experience a prolonged and strong result.

The active component in cayenne peppers, capsaicin, has a lot of medicinal traits. Cayenne pepper also aids in saliva production, digestion, and cardiovascular health. Because of its incredible strength, you should only use it in small doses.

7.   Watercress

One of the healthiest and more surprising potentiators on the list is watercress. As ultra-hydrated lettuce, it contains an abundance of nutrients. It has more iron than spinach and more Vitamin C than oranges. Recently, the leafy green has been gaining in popularity as a categorized superfood.

The idea is that the cocktail of nutrients aid in the digestion of Kratom, allowing for more efficient absorption. Though watercress increases the duration of Kratom’s effects, it typically is not among the most noticeable methods for strengthening the impact themselves.

8.   Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is an herbal compound found in a woody vine in the tropical jungles of Central and South America. In ancient times, the Incas used it for medicinal purposes. There is also evidence that consuming Cat’s Claw may stimulate the immune system by affecting phagocytes and T-helper cells.

Cat’s Claw can increase the potency and longevity of Kratom’s effects. The Cat’s Claw vine can be used to make tea when crushed, though root and bark extract typically come in liquid or capsule forms.

9.   Akuamma Seed

Due to its own potent effects, Akuamma seed is sometimes used as a substitute for Kratom in places where it is illegal. When consumed together, the results are boosted, though duration is not increased. Because of their incredible strength, this combination is only recommended for those who have experience with taking both substances in isolation.

The origin of Akuamma seed use goes way back, utilized as a folk medicine in numerous African countries. Some people dislike Akuamma seed since it needs to be ground into a usable powder, making it a bit inconvenient. It also has a rather distinct and bitter taste that some users may be opposed to.

10.        Magnesium

Magnesium is a very interesting potentiator because of its unique approach. It strengthens the effects of Kratom by acting as an antagonist of the body’s tolerance receptors, effectively reducing tolerance levels.

Since one of the primary reasons to use potentiators in the first place is to combat the tolerance drawbacks of continuous Kratom usage, this aspect may be especially desirable. Furthermore, you can use magnesium taurate to make magnesium more absorbable.

11.        Phenibut

Producing mood enhancement and relaxation, Phenibut is a man-made chemical compound that was engineered to clone GABA acids. It works by targeting GABA-b receptors, and in high doses, the GABA-a receptors.

Used as a potentiator, it can extend the experience of a Kratom burn. Due to its especially strong effect, you should not use the Phenibut and Kratom combo more than once a week. Nor should you mix it with medications, supplements, or other potentiators.

12.        Black Seed

As a less widely known potentiator, black seed can increase the potency of Kratom by a factor of 2. It can be used as a seed or oil and is high in antioxidants and thymoquinone.

13.        Agmatine Sulfate

Like magnesium, agmatine sulfate blocks the development of tolerance. As it promotes blood flow and muscle growth, agmatine sulfate is commonly used in pre-workout stacks.

This amino acid derivative comes in the form of an off-white powder that is soluble and usually consumed orally. Since it has a bitter taste and smells like sulfur, try adding it to your favorite beverages to make consumption more appetizing.

14.        Apple Cider Vinegar

Outside of being a Kratom potentiator, apple cider vinegar is often used to promote health and wellness. As a natural probiotic aiding in digestion, apple cider vinegar delays the metabolization of Kratom, prolonging its effects.

Due to its acidity, it also encourages faster absorption through the stomach, resulting in a quickened effect.

Though the taste certainly takes some getting used to, apple cider vinegar is typically used as a chaser for the toss and wash method of taking Kratom.

15.        Tyrosine

Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine. It is naturally produced in the body from an amino acid called phenylalanine. As one of the primary neurotransmitters released by Kratom, taking Tyrosine before your regular Kratom dose may allow more mood increase to be produced.

16.        Add Kratom Powder to Tea

Though on the mild side, tea is another common Kratom potentiator. The hot water itself can increase potency, though you will typically need a larger dose. To bring out the plant’s alkaloids and further strengthen the effect, try adding lemon juice to the boiling water.

As for what kind of tea to use, chamomile is the most typical and will significantly increase the duration of Kratom effects. Green tea is also effective, as it contains caffeine and theanine, which synergize well with Kratom.

While using tea to potentiate, red strains are recommended. The relaxing attributes of tea tend to counteract the energy-boosting qualities of white or green varieties.

17.        Freeze Kratom in an Acidic Liquid

These last two list items are not in themselves potentiators as they are not considered substances; instead, they are strategies or methods of consumption that make the effects of Kratom stronger.

The details of why freezing Kratom helps increase the effects of Kratom are a bit confusing. Like fruits and vegetables, Kratom has the tendency to begin breaking down when frozen and thawed. The plant cell walls break down in a process called cell lysis. Effectively, the Kratom alkaloids are extracted into the liquid during the thawing process.

To freeze Kratom, mix the powder with an acidic liquid, such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or fruit juice (potentiators themselves!) or citric acid dissolved in water, which creates a neutral-tasting acidic liquid.

The correct ratio of Kratom powder to acidic liquid should create a thin, muddy viscosity. After freezing, let it melt back into a mush and drink it like a slushie or add it to other beverages.

18.        Take Kratom on an Empty Stomach

This method is considered a fundamental part of Kratom consumption. Since the Kratom does not have to fight with other food and enzymes in your stomach, it will absorb faster, resulting in a more powerful effect.

Of course, you should not starve yourself just to make your Kratom dosage a little more effective. Instead, take it outside of mealtimes. For example, you can skip breakfast and take it first thing in the morning when you wake up. If you do not want to miss what is commonly called the most important meal of the day, try taking it an hour before breakfast or two hours after a meal.

make kratom stronger

Potentiators’ Effects on Kratom Usage

Follow the table below to acquire the specific kind of Kratom potency you are looking for:

Using Potentiators To Make Kratom Stronger
To increase the effects of Kratom use: ●     Coffee

●     Valerian Root

●     Turmeric

●     Cayenne Pepper

●     Cat’s Claw

●     Akuamma Seed

●     Magnesium

●     Phenibut

●     Black Seed

●     Agmatine Sulphate

●     Grapefruit

To make Kratom act faster use: ●     Watercress

●     Apple Cider Vinegar

●     Grapefruit

To lengthen the duration that Kratom’s effects last use: ●     Grapefruit

●     Turmeric

●     Black Pepper

●     Cat’s Claw

In Conclusion

Avid Kratom users will have a lot of fun mixing and matching different potentiators to find their favorite combinations. Remember, if you are less experienced with some of the potentiators that have substantial effects on their own, you should start slow and carefully adjust the dosage levels as you go. Though relatively safe, too much of most things can be considered dangerous.

Freezing Kratom and taking it on an empty stomach are two simple, safe, and conveniently easy ways to increase the strength of Kratom. We suggest trying out these methods before introducing potentiators into your routine.

Once you get some experience with Kratom potentiators under your belt, feel free to get creative and develop your own shots with different ratios of various potentiators to get the exact result and burn you are looking for.

All information is for educational purposes only. Kratom is not intended to cure, prevent or treat any kind of illness or disease.