Looking to Get Creative with Kratom: Try These 3 Recipes

by | Feb 4, 2021

If you’ve been incorporating kratom powders into your daily health routine for a while now, then you’re likely familiar with just how beneficial it is for your overall wellness. From mood relief and anti-irritability to digestive improvement and alleviation from muscle soreness, kratom powder will always prove to be a great addition to any diet.

All benefits aside, the powder in question will always get to show many of its brightest spots over time as you grow more familiar with how it can help your overall wellness. Among the different aspects of kratom that you’ll learn as you incorporate it into your daily routine, there’s one specific aspect of the powder that we believe everyone should know about: The different ways you can enjoy it.

Enjoy kratom powder in a whole new light with these recipes

While there are different things that one needs to know about kratom powder, the most prominent thing is that it’s as flexible as it is beneficial for your health. Thanks to the fact that the powder itself can be enjoyed and reinterpreted in different ways, anyone looking to never get bored can easily do so by switching up the way they consume it. 

If you want to extract all the amazing properties of kratom and see how creative you can get when maximizing its benefits, here are three amazing recipes that you can try for a delicious experience:

Kratom smoothies

Perfect for a hot, sunny day, post-workout pick-me-up, or morning boost, kratom smoothies are a great recipe that you can use for your newfound favorite powder. With this recipe, the preparation is fairly straightforward: all you’ll need to do is get your blender, freeze your fruit of choice in the fridge, and pick up some oats and milk or fruit juice to get everything going. Once you have all your ingredients, chuck it all in the blender, put some ice in, and add some oats and a spoonful of kratom powder for the best drink you’ll have all day! 

Kratom acai bowl

While acai bowls are already as healthy as they come, there is always room to make everything better, especially if you start mixing your base with some kratom powder. Before you get your nuts, oats, bananas, acai berry-yogurt-ice mix, and other fixins in the bowl, you’ll need to first set your yogurt aside. With a spoonful or two of some kratom powder, mix your yogurt or cultured mixture until everything meshes together into one delicious treat that you can have as a breakfast or snack.

If you want to spice things up, you also have some kratom powder-infused applesauce so that you can make everything nice and tasty!

Kratom tea

When it comes to convenient, easy, and enjoyable recipes, kratom tea often tops the list for enjoyable ways to consume the powder in question. You can mix your kratom powder for some great-tasting and very healthy tea by taking a spoonful and mixing it with eight to 12 ounces of hot water. If you want some iced tea, then you can simply switch things up by mixing your powder with eight ounces of hot water, two to four ounces of milk, and a smidge of sugar or low-calorie sweetener!


While kratom powder’s health benefits are what you can focus on while enjoying and looking at the value of the supplement, the flexibility it has is also well worth looking into. Thankfully, having these three recipes noted down will allow you to maximize your new staple supplement while keeping things as exciting as ever!

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