Our Guide to Preparing & Using Crushed Kratom Leaves

by | Feb 16, 2021

The use of kratom leaves has grown in popularity over the past years. Scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, this tree under the Rubbeaica family is notable for its leaves’ various uses and applications and is native to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. The leaves or their extracts are known as stimulants and sedatives, mainly used to reduce irritability and lift moods.

In this article, we’ll share with you a little about kratom’s history as well as how to prepare powder and use it for consumption.

A glimpse of kratom’s history

Did you know that kratom has actually long been used? Since the nineteenth century, the leaves were used as herbal medicines due to their opioid properties and some stimulant-like effects. 

As part of folk medicine, they were used to support people’s well-being facing insomnia, exhaustion, and pain. All the natives would do is pick the flowers and chew them, while some would brew them and turn them into tea. 

It was only in the 1830s when it was officially studied to determine its potential benefits and possible health implications. Today, they have grown in popularity as herbal remedies, having been turned into powder, tea, and even capsules for consumption.

How to prepare powder using kratom leaves

If you’re growing a kratom tree or have sourced out some leaves online, here’s how to prepare the powder out of them:

  • Put the leaves on your hand
  • Place a paper underneath
  • Crush them until they turn into specks of dust

Did you know that you can invest in a pepper mill to turn your kratom leaves into powder? All you have to do is put the leaves in and grind them into pieces. Another option is to use a food processor or a blender. 

If you find it a bit of a hassle to turn the leaves into powder, you can buy kratom online that’s already in powdered form. Here at Save on Kratom, we have a wide array of powder products classified into three—green, red, and white veins! 

How to use crushed kratom leaves

Once you have the power ready, you can use them for a variety of purposes. Here’s what you can do:

  • Tea: You can add the powder into boiling water, mix it, and drink it as tea. Just be wary of its bitter taste, so you may want to mix it with a flavored beverage instead.
  • Juice: As mentioned, you can mix the powder with other juices, such as orange or apple to mask its bitter taste.
  • Smoothies or shakes: Another approach is to add the powder to your smoothies, protein shakes, and even yogurt. 
  • Cookies and brownies: Some individuals incorporate the powder when baking cookies and brownies, so you may want to give it a try as well.
  • Food add-ons: Simply add the powder to your savory foods, such as oatmeal and soups, and that can make all the difference.


At this point, you now know how to prepare and use kratom leaves for your personal needs. To that end, be sure to consider all the valuable information and follow our steps mentioned above, as they are straightforward and relatively easy to follow. Ultimately, you now know that you can take advantage of the wonders of kratom for your own good!

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