What are the Different Strains of Kratom and Their Effects?

by | Dec 25, 2020

Kratom is quickly being adopted in the West for its wide range of uses. Depending on the strain you’re using, kratom powder can boost your wellness in certain ways. Some kinds are great for boosting your energy levels, while others are more soothing and relaxing. It is a perfect herbal selection for those who want to see a change in their health.

What is kratom?

Kratom powder and other products are extracted from the mitragyna speciosa tree, which originates in Southeast Asian countries like Borneo and Indonesia. For hundreds of years, natives of these countries chewed on these leaves recreationally to enjoy its effects. However, in its powdered form, it can create a more refined experience. 

Depending on a number of circumstances such as season and the age of the leaf, different strains of Kratom powder can be extracted: the Red Vein, the White Vein, and the Green Vein. Each of these has different effects and benefits for the human body. If your health and wellness are things you want to improve, then it is important the differences between the different strains. 

The Different Strains

Each of these types of Kratom powder are so named because they are extracted from different veins of the mitragyna speciosa tree’s leaves. Most common among them is the red vein, which is derived from mature leaves. It is popular for the relaxing experience it provides, and is often used to help with sleep problems. 

White vein kratom, on the other hand, creates an opposite effect. They are known to boost energy and enhance motivation. The effect is much like coffee, which makes this type a perfect way to start the day. This particular kind is quite rare, as leaves with white veins are more difficult to find.

The green vein often serves as a hybrid between the two, and is great for people who prefer a balance in terms of intensity. This is perfect for people who want a slightly less intense boost that is achieved more smoothly. It spreads out the boost more evenly throughout the day, rather than creating a sharp spike in the beginning. 

There are also regional strains, such as the Bali, Indo, and Maeng Da. Many kratom users claim that there are subtle differences between these regional classifications, and that it is worth giving a try. 

Defined by preference

Different bodies have different reactions to kratom powder, and as such, it is important to experiment to find out what strain works best for you. A good place to start is the green vein. If you find that its effects are sufficient to keep you energized, then maybe you don’t have to try the red vein. If an energy boost is not what you’re looking for, then the white vein might be perfect.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your needs and preferences. Just make sure to consume in moderation. Try to start small and work your way up. After all, it is easy to go higher, but impossible to go lower. 

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