Borneo Kratom POWDER (White)

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  • Great Value
  • Energetic Alkaloids

Our White Vein Borneo is a very solid strain with mostly energetic properties. Borneo kratom is among the top varieties, it is known for it’s quality, smooth energy and in general desirable properties.  Being a pleasure to use this is both a shop and customer favorite, well worth a try if you haven’t already. Get it today at a discounted price with FREE shipping at just $25.

The best way I could describe Borneo overall in one word would be smooth, there’s just something almost velvety almost about this awesome strain. Really all the Borneo powder seems this way it just depends on what you’re specifically looking for. This Borneo kratom white offers energetic properties, Red on the relaxing end of the spectrum, and Green a nice balance between the prior two leaning on the energetic side.

We offer all three high quality options at great prices, you can check out the others right here:
Red Borneo Kratom
Green Borneo Kratom

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