Kratom Buyer’s Guide

Kratom Guide for those New to Kratom

If you’ve never had or have little experience with kratom you’re probably wondering where to start. This guide is about the different strains to help you decide which one to start with but you may also want to refer to our other guides such as What is Kratom and the Benefits of Kratom.

There are many different strains of Kratom on the market today some of them are staple strains such as Bali or Maeng Da. These are well known strains that most every vender sells although the quality can vary drastically. There are some strains known by the color of the vein of their leaves such as Red Vein, Green, or White Vein. Many times the name of a strain also has where the kratom came from such as Bali, Borneo, Malay, Thai, etc… The color and origin names really don’t have a lot to do with quality by themselves but certain strains have a reputation for specific properties.

What does the Strain Color Mean

Red Veins – Calming, Soothing | Great For Evenings or just to kick your feet up with.
White Veins – Energetic, Focus Support | Great Day Time Strain
Green Veins – Balanced, In the middle of red and white leaning more Energetic. | Good anytime option

Find Kratom That Fits Your Needs
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Let’s look at a few of the best strains to try out if you’re new to Kratom, first off lets look at the immensely popular Premium Bali:


Kratom Guide
Quick facts:

  • Popular
  • Balanced
  • Value
  • Grows in Bali, Indonesia
  • Great Choice for both new and veteran kratom fans

The most popular strain of Kratom on the market is Premium Bali. It gets it’s name and comes from the island of Bali in Indonesia. Being this is a previlant kind of Kratom it has a great cost to quality ratio. It’s not the strongest strain by any means but still not a lot is needed for most people to get good effects.

Not all Bali is the same in fact there’s probably alot of kratom marketed under this name that may be something completely different because this is the most general kratom and easily reconizable. True Premium Bali works for most people and is a good strain to start with if you’re unsure of what to try because it’s not too strong and costs the least.

Bali is also very balanced in it’s benefits and effects. It has some energetic properties as well as sedative depending on how much is used. Energetic at lower amounts. Most kratom has a similar kind of balance in general but not as much as Bali. Shop Premium Bali


Guide to Kratom
Quick facts:

  • Connoisseur Grade
  • Strong
  • High Energy

Probably the second most popular strain is Maeng Da. I would guess this would be the most popular if it wasn’t for price. Although it costs more than many strains it’s by far worth it for those use it. This is considered by many as the Conisouiers grade kratom because of it’s natural strength and pure feeling. It’s a highly energetic strain and when I talk about energy referring to kratom I don’t mean just physical energy but it’s more of an energy from a sense of well being. This is unlike energy products on the market that offer jittery and quickened feeling. Kratom typically is a solid calm kind of energy.

Maeng Da is probably best suited for those at least some what familiar with kratom but if you want to start with real quality stuff there’s no need to wait either. Even though it’s strong it’s not overwelming for most people and if you start small you can work up to a perfect amount. Shop Maeng Da Premium


Kratom Buying Guide
Quick facts:

  • Unique Red Vein
  • Strong
  • Energetic & Calming

Wildcraft is also known as Red Vein Indo it’s a newer strain to the market than the previous two and is harvested from deep jungle trees in Indonesia. Although Maeng Da is still a better quality, Wildcraft is as strong if not stronger depending on the harvest. Generally it has a higher mitragynine content, one of the main alkaloids in kratom responsible for effect. Because of this Wildcraft is a great suppliment or alternative to Maeng Da and can help keep your budget in check. Shop Wildcraft Kratom


There are many dozens of different kratom strains to choose from on the market. Most likely your best bet to try the staples that give you the best idea of kratom in general and go from there. If you become of fan of this wonderful, all-natural leaf there’s a pretty deep hole to go down trying all kinds of great variations. Of course you don’t have to go deep to get great benefit. Kratom in general is not super expensive so give it a shot, worse case it’s not for you, best case it can be life changing as it has been for many.