Maeng Da Kratom


Although the main public know a little or nothing about Maeng Da Kratom it’s one of the most well-known forms of Kratom in the community.
Considered by many to be the strongest kratom in a non-extract state with many desirable qualities.

Maeng Da Kratom


The Maeng Da Kratom compared to many others have a unique history which is hidden from many either because of lack of information or simply because of the limited information about this product on the internet.

The name Maeng Da which means ‘Pimp’ or ‘Cockroach’ in the Thai language has only existed for less than 20 years whose history has been shielded from the public for a very long time. This lack of public awareness of the Maeng Da Kratom has led to many conspiracies arising from disoriented people who believe this product is a genetically modified product. Although these conspiracies are spread abroad, they aren’t true. Continuous studies have revealed that the Maeng Da Kratom strain originated from a uniquely bred product through the grafting process. This, of course, proves the conspiracies that this strain was genetically modified totally wrong.

The Maeng Da Kratom strain is one of the products belonging to the family of the Mitragyna speciosa. Although among its related species Kratom which originated from Thailand is, of course, one the most cryptic and debatable one, it’s probably the most mistaken too. Research also reveals that despite the Kratom strain origin, some of the Maeng Da Kratom leaves today has a different origin from Thai. Since this plant is commonly grown in other regions of the world especially SouthEast of Asia, it’s commonly used as a botanical herb erupting many techniques to grow this plant.

Is the Maeng Da Kratom Strain Genetically Modified as Speculated?

While this strain remains one of the most effective for those looking for pain relief and/or stimulation among its counterparts, it’s often been neglected and entirely mistaken. Maeng Da Kratom remains a fantastic strain that offers most of the pain relief and stimulation effects which many other varieties of this plant can’t offer. A lot of people believe that the Maeng Da Kratom strain deserves its stand among the best if considered.
Conspiracies aren’t enough but proofs are still demanded from conspirators who claim that the Maeng Da Kratom strain is a genetically engineered strain. Unfortunately, there has never been a proof that this strain has in any way been tampered with or modified.
The Maeng Da strain can be safely described as one of the strongest strains of the family and any other comparable species with similar pain-relief and stimulating effects. Also, when considering the energizing qualities of herbs, the Maeng Da strain could be considered as the one with the highest effects.
Maeng Da

Why the Maeng Da strain?

History holds it that the consumption of this Maeng Da strain resulted in the quick victory of the Thai armies again the Burmese Kingdom. Even as far as this history could record, there remain shreds of evidence of this strain as one of the strongest herbs among all others depending on the amount ingested by the person.
Although it’s questionable how a single strain could have all the painkilling, energizing and soothing effects the evidence is all dependent on the amount of the product consumed. The energizing effects could be well described as invigorating effects since the effects are a measure of the amount consumed.
Also, many people claim that this strain is more economical than all the others due to the minimal amount needed to achieve the well-described invigorating effects. It’s also evident from records that the Maeng Da strain has shorter period effects compared to the other strains. Despite the more effective, relaxing effects on the consumer, it’s stated that this could lead to depression and sadness. The weaker euphoria effects of the Maeng strain could help to better describe it as safe compared to other Kratom strains, yet the strongest among other strains since it balances its strong rush of energy with its brief or shorter effects period.

What More?

While the different Kratom forms and strains are often put into consideration including:


• Fresh Kratom leaves
Kratom Powder
Kratom Capsules
Dried Kratom leaves
• Kratom Extracts
• Kratom Pies and
• Kratom Tinctures

The Maeng Da strain remains the strongest and the most potent one which often places it as the best choice for Kratom users. This strain is hugely classified based on its types which makes it very essential to know the exact Maeng Da types available and which one is the best among the others considering their effects.

The different colors and types of the Maeng Da Kratom available include:

By Color
Maeng Da Kratom Green Powder
Maeng Da Kratom White Powder
Maeng Da Kratom Red Powder

By Type
• Horned Leaf Kratom
• Maeng Da Kratom

The relevance of this knowledge of the Maeng Da strain can’t be overemphasized. The fact that this the Kratom plant still has unsettled disputes about its safe use and effects due to uninformed conspiracies remains one of the reasons why this product is banned in many countries and legal actions could be taken against sellers and users in this country. If this product must be cleared and allowed for users to take advantages of its huge health benefits, it must be used accordingly following all recommendations.

Final Note

Although there are very little addiction reports about the Maeng Da strain, individuals that would become addicted to coffee might experience similar discomfort on withdrawl.
Also, this strain isn’t recommended for relieving stress and anxiety because it could end up increasing those feelings. This strain was originally bred for individuals involved in manual labor and metal works and it remains highly effective only for these uses. Abuse of the Maeng Da strain could be harmful especially when used for other non-recommended purposes.
Since Maeng Da Kratom is a powerful strain among others, it’s recommended for fresh users to use lower doses. Maeng Da effects could last for about 6-8 hours depending on the amount consumed.

All information here is presented as factual to the best of our knowledge. In no way do we suggest or recommend anything based on this write up.