Where to Buy Kratom

There are many vendors online who sell and specialize in kratom and related products. Whether you’re just now wanting to try it for the first time or are experienced and looking for a new vendor you’re probably trying to answer either where to buy kratom? or how to buy kratom online? We’ll answer that quickly below:

Where to Buy Kratom

Where to Purchase Kratom
4 things to look for

Quality Kratom
This a no brainer, you of course want the best product for your needs. Probably the most important thing for this is to buy from a company that is reputable. The thing with Kratom is it’s a fairly individual kind of product because it does many different things depending on which strain you buy. If you’re looking for something that is calming you would want a red vein not a green or white. But your taste for which red vein can also vary a lot from the next person. Just because a strain didn’t work well for some one else doesn’t mean it won’t be great for you and vice versa. Some trial and error is going to happen when you dive into the kratom world. You just want to make sure you’re buying from a shop that is going to send you authentic kratom and not mixed with anything else to save them money. A reputable kratom company could mean a few things. Like they’ve been in business for some time, this helps to insure they’re not going to just steal your money or send you fake product. They take safe payment methods such as credit cards. They have at least some product description not just a picture and the title of the product. Doing a small amount of research can go a long way knowing you’re going to get what you paid for.

Reputable Vendor
With many new vendors opening these days it can be hard to find which companies know what their doing, offer good product, value, and give you actual customer support when needed. It’s probably best to buy from a website that’s been around for at least a while, you can see that information at whois.com if you search the website. If they have at least some social media that’s a good sign as well. Also some companies like SaveOnKratom.com will be happy to exchange a strain if it’s just not working out for you.

You don’t want to pay more for anything than you have to right? There are fairly large differences on price in the kratom marketplace. As well as quality differences, when you’re price checking just make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. A general price guide would be make sure you’re not paying more than around $15/oz for a true premium natural strain and than $12 for a general standard strain. Also kratom that is dirt cheap may be suspect but prices do fluctuate and of course sales do happen just make sure you know who you’re buying from.

Now there are natural strains and extracts. Extracts you can expect to pay quite a bit more, you’ll also get much more potency, and they vary greatly. For example UEI, a very popular kratom extract, you probably shouldn’t pay more than $12/gram and less if you’re buying in quantity. Also make sure you know the shipping cost since some pricing is very low initially and then shipping takes away all that discount. It may be a good idea to find a vendor with base shipping so you know exactly what you’ll be paying with no surprise costs.

Kratom Selection
This is of course up to individual taste as to how many options do you want from a vendor. Most people find a few strains they like and stick to those. The benefit of buying from a company with many Kratom Strains is you have more options to find those strains you enjoy the most. It also can be very interesting to try new strains even when you have a core set. Tolerance can be a major factor and switching strains can help a lot. Everyone is different with how often they need to switch it can be from a few days to many weeks but either way it’s nice to have enough options to try out.

how to buy kratom online

How to buy kratom online

All you need is to find a reputable shop and you’re good to go. One thing to keep in mind is currently most vendors will not be able to offer credit card payments, currently there is an incredible amount of discrimination on kratom vendors from the banks and cc companies, but that’s a whole other topic. You may find a vendor with credit cards for a time but most likely this will not be available for long. Luckily most offer e-checks or other options. If the store offers quick process e-checks you won’t have to wait days for your order to ship and the transaction will be as quick as a credit card order. All you need is your check book and enter a couple fields and your order should be to you in a few days. E-checks can be a bit scary if you haven’t used them before but again if the store is reputable your payment information will only be used by the processor for that one transaction only and will be highly encrypted.

So there’s some of the main things to consider when looking for where and how to buy kratom online. It can be overwhelming at first but will quickly become second nature. I may be a bit bias but I urge you check out Save On Kratom – we’ve been a trusted vendor for over 5 years. You’ll find a great selection of over 27 amazing strains including all the most popular and best sellers as well as leaf for tea and extracts. Get heavily discounted, everyday prices and right now we’ll pay for your shipping on orders just $25! Shop Kratom right now here